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Meet The Team

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Nicola Gwyther

Founder & Director

Nicola is self taught & her career in photography has enabled her to travel extensively. She has also worked as Chief photographer at Cambridge University before setting up  Underwater Art in 2006

Richard Brochu-Williams

Underwater Photographer & Chief Editor. Richard has a Masters Degree in photography & has been a team member since 2008

Karla Conte Cardoso

Underwater & poolside photographer. Karla has a BA in visual arts & was a teacher of photography & history of art in Brazil.

Justin Bavosi


Poolside Photographer & Editor. Justin is also a commisioned photographer for

Getty Images

Nicky's background 


Nicky is a self taught photographer & has been self employed since 2000, previously working at Cambridge University as the chief photographic technician. Prior to this, Nicky has worked in various photographic studios & on cruise liners, being lucky enough to travel to many destinations with her work.

About Underwater Art

Underwater Art was founded in 2006.  Nicky was inspired whilst taking her eldest child to baby swimming lessons & just had to capture the magic underwater. Underwater Art are now the leading professional underwater photographers in the UK who specialise in capturing cutting edge, stunning images of babies & children above & under water. The latest top spec photographic equipment is used (Canon 5ds), this is submerged into the pool and is not for the faint hearted, allowing us to capture 4-6 images per second.

There are no age restrictions on the photo shoot, just the ability to swim & the confidence to go underwater. To help gain this ability and confidence we strongly recommend a course of swimming lessons.

We are unlike any other underwater photographers, as we add a little more magic. Each child is individually assessed during the shoot & nurtured in a safe & fun environment & we always work with professional swimming instructors. It does not stop there; images are then edited in an intense process to offer even more of the WOW factor. This process takes 5-7 days, but it's worth the wait.

Images are uploaded onto a secure password protected gallery for you to order, then burned onto a USB for you to treasure forever, or are professionally printed.

Enjoy the galleries & we look forward to meeting you & your family on a shoot, keep swimming.


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