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Frequently asked questions

  • Can't see your images / lost code​: Contact Underwater Art by email not the the swim school & we will resolve this asap, we need to know which shoot & the time you attended

  • How To Order/ View Prices: The prices are located under the basket symbol, top right of screen. To order all images please add 1 image to the order, only 1 image can be added. I will then gather all images above and underwater of your family complete a final edit and transfer the files via We Transfer. Please do check your spam.

  • Nivana Shot, please add the image you would like to the package, I will then add the dollar this is an extra £20 and can only be ordered in addition to all images digitally

  • Digital images: Images are supplied as a digital download via We Transfer. All images are in high resolution JPEG format. You can then use these images to print multiple photographs, canvas prints, mugs, jigsaws & more by uploading to an online photo lab or by taking the USB to any photo outlet, the watermark is removed.

  • Printing of your digital images: Please use a professional photo lab & not a home printer, the colours will be so much more vibrant with a photo lab & the colours will not fade.

  • Editing of images (unwanted instructor in an image): We do have a team of editors that remove the unwanted hands, legs & various body parts of the instructors prior to viewing. When the image is purchased, it is individually assessed & any further editing to enhance the image is under taken. We can't however remove every unwanted instructor's hands & we do not edit eyes as this can look unnatural. We start shooting as soon as the child is submerged, it is inevitable that some hands will be in the shot & when they are holding the child's body it is extremely difficult to remove these, when the instructor is behind the child this is plausible. The only time the child is not held is when they can swim unaided.

  • What to wear: A disposable swim nappy with a swimming costume over this for babies, besides this rule the decision is yours.

  • Costumes: I provide costumes but feel free to bring your own, please keep it simple and easy to put on and off

  • Make-up: If you must wear make up in the pool, waterproof only please.

  • Accompanying your child or baby in the pool: You must be in the pool with your child unless your swim school decides this is not necessary. 

  • Marks, scratches, bumps & bruises: Of course these always arise just before a photo shoot, yes we can remove these but only on your request. Generally speaking there is no charge, children will be children but if they are real bruisers we will quote individually.

  • Taking your own pictures: It is not permitted under any circumstance to take your own images or videos at any point in the photo shoot as this interferes with the flashes and affects the privacy of everyone else on the shoot.

  • Resolution / Quality of images: This will vary depending if the image has been cropped but believe me it's extremely high resolution.

  • JPEG, RAW files: Images are provided as high quality JPEG's. RAW files will not be sold.

  • Watermarking / Logo: This is present to protect our work & will be removed when purchased on prints or digital files.

  • Viewing images: You are given a login code on the day of the shoot. Images are uploaded approximately 2 weeks after the shoot (hopefully sooner). Images are displayed alongside other children from your group. An individual gallery & login code can be created if notice is given on the day of the shoot.

  • Returns / Refund policy: We are here to help with any problems or discrepancies with orders. Any damaged or non-received items, please contact Underwater Art as soon as possible so that we can rectify this. Issues with image / print quality may be refunded at the discretion of Underwater Art. Digital images, prints and USB's are bespoke items and are exempt from standard online purchase refund / return.

  • Private exclusive shoots: Private shoots are often requested and it would be our pleasure to arrange a shoot with you, but please do give us plenty of notice as we are very busy.

  • Delivery time: Images are professionally edited first then sent to a professional photo lab. Please allow up to 7 working days for delivery. Standard p&p is £2.95 & recorded is £6.95 both are sent 1st class.

  • Camera settings: I often get asked "What settings do you use?" I can say that I use a Canon 5ds 50 mega pixel monster with a lens that costs over £7,000 with full back up, & after years & years of perfecting Underwater Art, I'm not disclosing ISO, aperture or anything else...but no harm in asking. Good luck if you're starting out - it is always challenging!

  • Copyright: The photographer always owns the copyright by law, this does not restrict your right to use the image multiple times & basically translates to; the image can't be used for commercial gain/ advertising or profit of any kind. All images appearing on remain the property and copyright of Underwater Art. Therefore, any unauthorised or improper use is prohibited by law. Reproduction of part or all of the contents and images, in any format is prohibited for commercial gain.

Terms and Conditions

  • Your child must be used to submersions. 

  • During the shoot you agree to adhere to the pool rules as you are guests of the establishment & be responsible for your child at all times. 

  • The Photo Shoot booking fee is non refundable,  and does not cover the cost of photographs. 

  • Images captured will be viewed online alongside other children from the shoot, unless a private gallery is requested on the day.

  • Buying the digital files does not give you Copyright of the images. Copyright remains with Underwater Art Ltd.

  • If you fail to attend on the day for whatever reason,  the booking fee is still non-refundable.

  • No other filming or photography equipment is allowed on poolside.

  • You must inform the swim school on the day of the shoot if your child has any medical conditions that may effect them being submerged.

  • Underwater Art will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury whilst on the pool premises.

  • At least one parent must be in the water with the child.

  • Your allocated time slot is when the photo shoot will start so please arrive early enough to allow changing time.

  • If a photo shoot is cancelled you you will be offered a full refund or a place on the next photo shoot.

  • We reserve the right to cut a photo shoot short if your baby or child is distressed or ill. You will not be entitled to a refund. Your baby's safety and well being is our first priority.

  • All participants take part in the photo shoots at their own risk. 

  • It is expected that you will notify us of any health conditions that could be an issue during the photo shoot.

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